Well, it has been a bit emotional and cranky around here, but nothing we aren’t getting over!  Seems like things are “coming up and out” … And it’s all good, as we are addressing things. We decided to do this while on “staycation” as our son is away and when going on a cleanse the best way to do it is with less stress.  Also, it has been a time of no alcohol and special and scheduled food, so what do you do on vacation? Eat and Drink and all of those things!  We have been hanging out at home a lot preparing the food and taking walks, stretching and taking care of our selves through this past week. Luckily we live right on the pacific ocean and it kind of feels like we are on vacation anyway, so we have been enjoying our sun deck and views. We have been working at home half to three quarter days, but not like when we are “at work”.

It’s been interesting, as we were going to do some exploring locally while we were  on “staycation” like visit a local winery and check out the restaurants … well, we can’t really do any of that, and getting together with friends is a little different, as we are eating differently and it’s taking some concentration to do this, some focus and routine.  So we have been in the house a lot…  and it’s been good, getting to know how to do make this way of eating part of our lifestyle.  We have gone exploring some neighborhoods and beaches (close by), exercising, but keeping it light,  and today was the first day I left the house for most of the day.

I went to a baby shower and found that I had plenty of food to eat, there was salad and veggies and a fruit platter and it was great… but being out the first time, I forgot to take my systemic enzymes.. and this week we are both back to work, so we will be learning how to bring this with us. I cheated a bit, with a few bites of chocolate cake, but got right back on track.

Oh and I lost this first week a total of 3.5 pounds… but it’s not that so much that has changed, my body looks different. My skin looks the best it has in years, I feel lighter, I feel better, I look younger and feel younger, I have a lot more energy and I am very much looking forward to this week ahead.  It is a lot less food this week, and I feel like my body is ready for less food, as toward the end of the last week, I started not wanting to finish the food on my plate, I was feeling full before it was over.

SO! On to week 8 (and feeling GREAT) from the Ultimate Reset ! Mineralize! Oxygenize! Optimize! Alkalize! Hydrate! and now onto Detox …