Day 4 of  Ultimate Reset.. Did I mention I am doing this with my husband (Dave)?  It is great to have the support. There is a lot of prep and time, so it’s really great to have someone to do this with. Even if I was in collaboration with someone online or down the street it would be great. Just to have someone to talk to when there is a question about something, as the answer has seemed always to be common sense.

I have learned to prepare food again and actually like it, Ultimate Reset has made it quick, easy and tasty! There are grocery lists, so I know what to get at the store and so far I have been LOVING the food, feeling full and really enjoying the water in my body, as I usually forget to drink water. I am finding that it is something my body has been missing… even though I usually only drink water, I do not ever get enough.  At first I was a little discouraged about not losing anymore pounds. I have been fluctuating, but have still kept off the initial weight that went away. And I have not been moving as much as I should be.. that has changed today! I also read on the support page not to check your weight daily, that this will happen initially.

I like the alkalization step. It’s a great afternoon “snack”.  I like it with a lot of water, Dave thinks it tastes better with less water.

I have been a bit slow and somewhat tired, and went on an easy beach walk today, which I am hoping will help. I need to move daily, stretch and walk or hike.

I am enjoying the routine and grateful to have the support, weather it’s on the Ultimate Reset site support page, or from Dave or a friend…