So, I slept well… weighed in and lost 2.5 pounds.

Made my morning meal.. It is filling and tasty and I feel like my body loves what I just put in it!

My low back and hips do still ache this morning. I will see what it feels like later, I plan ongoing some light yoga and walking today.

I feel good and I feel like this is easy, partially because I cut out sugar, coffee, breads, alcohol and bad fats out of my diet a month or two ago. It definitely helps now in the way I am feeling. (So far anyway). When I first cut those out, I felt headachy and lethargic. I had a small headache yesterday, but it went away after drinking some water. I have a feeling water is going to help my low back and hips… I was very cranky though yesterday.

And went to bed grateful… remembering my blessings!