The crankiness seems to have passed. My husband Dave got to his goal weight this morning…. 185. Down 10 pounds since he started the cleanse and down 45 pounds since he started with P90X !!!!! Wow!  That is GREAT!  A lot of people are noticing. His new goal is 180.  I have lost another pound, so total of 4 since the start of the reset and a total of  10 since the month before when I stopped sugar, alcohol and coffee.

The scheduling of the Ultimate Reset works really well for us. It’s great to know what we need to be disciplined about to do daily. It’s great to know what we are eating.. no more “what do you want for dinner?” , ” I don’t know. What would you like?” It’s all planned out, the recipes, the grocery shopping.

I no longer wish to buy anything that is processed or in a bag or box unless it’s really pure.  Even chips and salsa (one of my favorites).. I have a feeling they would be way toooooo salty for me now. Loaded with the neurotoxic salt, no wonder I was bloated!