I am obsessed with the weight loss.. And that is not a good idea. The whole point is for resetting, and getting your body back to “well being…” continuing to eat healthy, contribute movement, drink a lot of water and stay away from the things that Dave has lost about 10 pounds and I have lost 3!  One of the 5 signs that your body is toxic is difficulty in losing weight… which I have and many others have this extra 20 pounds they want to shed. However, I FEEL great. I have  another week and during this detox phase, my body is trying to hold on to all it has known.  I need to remember, I stopped alcohol, sugar and coffee about a month before, while he did not AND I am down 10 pounds from then.  I look better and my skin looks amazing compared to what it was. Imagine… what a lot of water can do!!

Another sign of a toxic body is cravings for coffee, sugar or junk food. I do have cravings for sweets and when I smell coffee… yum.  I now can smell a restaurant  a mile away! But I am going to stay tough and stick this through.

Bloating and constipation are other signs of a toxic body.  These are a regular thing for me and that is not good… so this week, a lot of that has disappeared.  So all in all, I need to realize this is not about weight loss, it’s about a healthy body and the weight loss will come as I completely transform my lifestyle into what it should be, back to nature and the gifts it gives us to help our body get the nutrients it needs to function properly!

Love this!