Cranky, Cranky…. Cranky me, cranky Dave… we just have to remember, the liver, gall bladder and all those amazing organs that run our body have been quite angry at the way we have been treating them!

We are letting a lot of words and things that are said and attitudes go. You kind of have to overlook them at this phase and send love and light to the cranky, including yourself.

I love the detox drink! I look forward to it. Lots of inside changes occurring now. Liver detoxing, gallbladder detoxing, intestines pushing stuff out that does not belong, kidneys getting cleansed. Magnificent.

Still loving the food, mostly full, but occasionally need a snack. It’s important not to go hungry. Try water and if that doesn’t work, some blueberries, a glass of chia or an apple are a great snack. ┬áStill wishing to lose weight Dave is down a pound a day still. Although I am not getting out for my walk everyday.. need to make it a point to do that!