Ok, we started the Ultimate Reset. I made a spread sheet of all the questions and my answers. I also made a list of all the extra things I can do, so I don’t forget.  Made a list of my measurements and weight!  I am so excited… I will post before and after pics at the end and will be posting revelations and what is occurring for me during the Ulitmate Reset.  Click on the links to learn about it. Total lifestyle change and I am ready!   Oh, I already miss my Shakeology! But know it will be back soon.

Today I found that the food was awesome and filling. I got my 15 minutes of sun…

My low back and hips are bothering me a bit today (like everyday).

I like that I have to cook… (which I was not looking forward to) it makes it fun and I also realize its easy to make something taste good.

Did not stretch or go for a walk… need to be sure to do that tomorrow.

Very grateful for this journey~