Shakeology Scam

Shakeology Scam

There has been a lot of talk about a Shakeology Scam. I personally lost 50 pounds and have kept it off while helping other people get healthy plus made a few extra dollars in doing so.

The shakes are made out of natural plant-based ingredients that are meant to keep you satiated and energized. The shake is low on the glycemic index (GI), which makes it a very good choice for diabetics.

There are four flavors of shakes that don’t use include food colorings or other additives like processed sweeteners. These include chocolate, tropical strawberry, greenberry and vanilla. The Chocolate and tropical strawberry also come in Vegan blends.

Shakeology Scam De-mystified: Health Benefits

People often talk about the Shakeology Scam and how it is not that good when it is loaded with anti-oxidants and phytonutrients which help eliminate toxins and shed stored fat. Shakeology is made up of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals that work together to curb cravings, reduce hunger and keep you feeling fuller for longer.


Shakeology Benefits Chart – Click chart for a larger view

The digestive enzymes and prebiotics in it’s proprietary blend work in an incredible way. Shakeology can help reduce bad cholesterol, reduce oxidative stress and even eliminate built up toxins from highly processed foods that have become stored in your body over time.

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Shakeology is the ultimate meal replacement shake or snack. It offers 20 different antioxidants not only to give you the best meal of the day but also has a lasting impact on your health. It can reduce free radical damage that can lead to heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke, all in one easy meal. With two delicious flavors that can be combined with your favorite fruits, veggies and many other creative combination’s, this is truly a revolutionary new way to get healthy, lose weight and feel incredible.

Shakeology Scam and it’s cost

More people jump on the Shakeology Scam because it costs $120 for a 1 month supply (25% less if you sign up to be a coach) and that breaks down to about $4 (or $3 if you are a coach). So for about $4 you are giving your body the healthiest meal of the day – and it tastes amazing. Think about your food budget and how much you spend on meals everyday. I bet you spend a lot of money at Whole Foods as you try to buy organic, fruits, veggies – and sometimes the food goes bad so you are just throwing money away. Also, think thought about all the trips you make to Starbucks at $4 dollars plus a pop! For what?? Caffeine, creamers, sugar and ice.

Many people that use Shakeology on a regular basis have had very good results regarding weight loss. I know personally that I have lost 50 pounds and have been able to keep that weight off. I feel much and work out now more often because I feel so good. It helps me to feel full with good clean nutrition so I do not crave bad foods full of sugars and empty calories. Weight loss consists of eating nutrient rich diverse foods and maintaining an consistent exercise regimen. One without the other will not result in effective weight loss.

To this I say the Shakeology Scam is debunked. Try it for yourself today.

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