Shakeology Price has come under some scrutiny lately as at about $4 per serving ($3 if you are a coach) when in fact if you look at all the nutritional value you get and the individual price of all the ingredients included, you are savings tons of cold hard cash! Watch the video below that shows the cost benefits of a one month bag compared to individual ingredients to shows the benefits of the Shakeology Price.

Shakeology Price : The Real Deal

How convenient to have all of these amazing ingredients specially blended together to give you the proper nutrition you need for a full day supply of the stuff your body needs for fuel. Not cupcakes, chips, pizza and subs, this meal replacement shake will fill you up and keep you going with out the crashes caused by carbs and sugars. And, with the Shakeology Price at less that the cost of a fast food meal, you will be saving money AND providing the healthy nutrients your body needs to perform at optimal levels.

Shakeology Price : The Cost Benefits

Each Shakeology ingredient plays an important role in feeding your body on a cellular level, but it is important to remember that the synergy of the 70+ ingredients working together is what truly fuels your body to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Shakeology Price : Antioxidants

Each serving of Shakeology contains some of the most potent antioxidants: flavonoids and phytonutrients such as spinach, blue green algae, carrot powder, strawberry powder, and vitamins E and C. These help to prevent free radicals from oxidizing and destroying cells. The ingredients in the Shakeology antioxidant blend such as pomegranate, acai berry, camu-camu, goji, and blueberry also have powerful antioxidant effects to support your immune system and help protect your body from normal inflammatory response.

Shakeology Price : Protien Rich Food

You may think you need that burger, chicken breast or fish to get the protein you need to feed your body. That is not necessarily the case. Shakeology is packed with protein sources that are easy for the body to absorb and digest without the feeling of bloating.

In the vegan Shakeology formulas, they blended brown rice protein with pea protein to create a complete protein source with high levels of lysine and methionine. These two very important amino acids are often limited in most plant-based diets. Along with brown rice protein and pea protein, they also blended in sacha inchi, chia, quinoa, flax, amaranth, and spirulina. There is absolutely no soy protein used in any Shakeology formulations. Though crafting this proprietary plant-based protein blend might sound easy, it truly is a rare feat.