I was feeling Great!  Having Shakeology every day, hiking or doing Bikram Yoga 3-4 times a week. I was not losing weight, but feeling better in my structure, how my muscles and bones were realigning, then, my kidneys started burning. I was depleting my yin energy (Chinese medicine), my body was not hydrating enough, so apparently, I was not getting enough minerals and therefore, not enough water. I took this as a sign that my bodies internal organs are not functioning the way they should be and my body was saying, “Stop and see what needs to change”.  I really feel like all of this was going to show up at some point later in life even worse and that everything that I was doing actually brought it up, so I could become aware of it and I could have the choice to take care of it. I stopped everything, except shakeology,  as much as I did not want to, I stopped Bikram, hiking, coffee, alcohol, gluten, breads.. anything I thought of that my intuition said “no” to.  It was all easy, I was completely exhausted and could not exercise and anytime I put any of those things in my body, even a little bit… lots of burning pain! I added lots of juicing and vegetables, electrolytes and a lot of water.

After a week of resting, I walked into a tea shop with my friend who suggested I meet the Chinese Medicine Doctor there, maybe he’d have some ideas or some tea. (I generally go this route, since it has helped me heal from so many things before). I introduced myself and he proceeded to tell me that It looked like I had kidney issues, especially the right side and all of it is due to the stress I have been through for the last 5 or so years. Uh.. Yes. True and then doctor continued to tell me more about my yin organs, my complexion and what my tounge was saying (one of the diagnostic tools in Chinese medicine is looking at the tongue, it tells a lot about what is out of balance in the body). Needless to say, I went back the next day.

I was in for a surprise. I had no idea what to expect. The first thing I learned was that my skin was thick and totally stuck to my muscles… my body was loaded with congestion and no surprise, in all the areas that I was feeling pain for the last few years. The treatment did not feel good for some parts, I learned a few breathing techniques for the different meridians he was working on, and some of the session was extremely relaxing. And all the bruising looks pretty crazy after, but the results have been amazing,  and according to the doctor,  I will be ready for acupuncture soon. I’ve done acupuncture before a long time ago and each time, with the elimination and addition of certain foods and herbs, even though different every time, always healed whatever issue was occurring. Recently, I have had some sessions and did not feel much change, almost like my body was not receiving it, its been the same with my digestion, my body is not receiving nutrients. The cupping and bamboo massage are changing all of that. I’ve been taking a lot of herbs that the doctor has given me and  and I have been eating according to my “constitution”.

I have been there 3 times already and my digestion is working better, I have lost 8 pounds… I feel like I am actually absorbing my Shakeology nutrients, finally! And my energy is better, my arms have stopped falling asleep at night, my hands and feet are no longer cold. I have changed what I am eating as well. I no longer have sugars, gluten, wheat or any flours in my daily eating, nor do I crave them and I am eating for my “constitution” which requires some things I am not necessarily used to. I have not yet started back to exercising, as my body is not ready yet. I decided I should start a blog about this since I am finally seeing and feeling so much change in my body. SO, here is my first blog…

Ok, went to the Chinese medicine doctor yesterday… Had a lot less cupping done then last time and it definitely does not hurt as much, It is very relaxing while the cups are working. The bamboo “massage” tapotement was very painful in some places, yet I dealt with it knowing it was clearing up the congestion. (click here for some more information on Bamboo massage) After the session, he said I need blood building foods, and a lot more food.. not sure how to eat a lot of food, but my Yin organs are healing, and extremely weak. I have to eat meat.. I am blood deficient. hmmm. I go home and look up “blood building foods,” and not sure I like any of this stuff! Liver, duck, lamb?? I am not big on eating meat… how do I do this?  So I find one site… Edgar Cayce.. cool, he knows what he is taking about.. ugh Liver, duck, brains? Maybe not, but he does say that only until my blood is better, like a month, then a different diet (not happening!). And there are things on the list I can do… black beans, root vegetables, and lots more yummy things (I will list all the sites I found below). More sites, more information… awesome, especially when I find that I have been gravitating toward these foods all along (except the meat foods), and then I find this… Chocolate shake for the morning SHAKEOLOGY! Yay this contributes to making my blood stronger. So here is what I will eat today, along my herb supplements (from the doctor) there are 8 bottles, need to take them 3 times a day.

  • Shakeology, room temperature with water (chocolate, and the best on the planet! Loaded with all the nutrients I need to start my day and I could not imagine being without it.)
  • swig of apple cider vinegar (to help break up kidney stones)
  • Dr schultz 5 day bowel detox (greens!)
  • oranges, rice cake , almond butter (acidic citrus fruits, to help me with digestion)
  • yogurt, nuts, berries (fermented foods, need to have more of these. I edit the blogs miguel writes, so he talks about fermentation a lot… http://darinsnaturals.com/blog/)
  • room temperature roast beef (organic, free range), fresh veggie juice that I make or cooked vegetables (I was eating a lot of raw, but I was not digesting properly) Juice today: beets, spinach, romaine, celery, parsley, kale, cucumber, apple, lemon and ginger
  • chlorophyll juice throughout the day
  • and for dinner, brown rice and lentils, cooked spinach and organic free range chicken

I will write a few times a week and see how I progress… check back! xoxo

With Infinite Love & Gratitude~