The cupping and bamboo tapotement with herbs worked like magic. I have much more energy, my kidneys are stronger and I am on the path to recovery!  I have lost about 4 pounds and feel a bit lighter. And WATER! Water, water, water so important!! It is vital for health and life, at least 64 oz a day.. My body feels cleared and ready for Acupuncture, the next step on the energetic side of healing for me. I have been slowly getting back to nature and exercise with my canyon hikes.

I have continued to stay away from coffee and alcohol for he most part and have not introduced any sugars back into my diet, nor will I. I also have gotten rid of the animal protein. Although the Chinese Medicine Doctor said I should have it for blood building, I am choosing to find the iron in other ways.. using an iron cooking pan for one… I have also been eating many blood building vegetables, fruits and beans. I am still having Shakeology daily and my next step is to do the Ultimate Reset. I helped with this program on a small level in the background, as It is my job to keep the ingredients that Darin Olien works with and sources from indigenous farmers in a physical and online database. I saw the team behind Darin at Darin’s Naturals, the relationships, the research, intention, work at Beachbody, and all of the heart and soul that went into this cleanse and and watching people respond to Darin with the phenomenal results they are having… Saving lives, literally. I know working with him and being in the midst of all of this awesome awareness of information has surely saved mine.

I am very much looking forward to getting back to Bikram or hot yoga, and working out with some amazing fit and fabulous people after the the Ultimate Reset Cleanse…

I start with my husband and daughter on Monday. I will keep you posted with a daily journal.