I saw this on my daughter’s Facebook page…

“Some muscle milk after a good hike ! Yessss pleaseeeeee…”

So I looked in the fridge, and there are 3 more on the shelf.  Curious, I picked it up and read the ingredients… ummm  … just about all man made chemicals… So I in-boxed her and I thought I would share. (any recipes mentioned I will post shortly!)

Me to Kate:

“Hi cute kiddo~ read the ingredients in muscle milk, don’t buy the hype.  You are better off buying a coconut and drinking it’s water, or make a Shakeology or coconut milk or even a roots juice, or sprouted chia water with fresh squeezed orange… Love you sweet. Hope you have a great day!!”

Kate to Me:

“What’s the hype ? Why is muscle milk not good for you? I won’t drink anymore after this 4 pack, please don’t throw it out or anything it was expensive. I just like it cause it fills me up after workin out. Xoxoxo”

Me to Kate:

“Hype is what marketers sell you. It’s what is on the package that they want you to believe so you will buy it. Whenever you buy something, read the label, if it looks like a bunch of man made chemicals, it is. The only place your body will get the nutrition it needs is from food, otherwise it is toxic and will not provide your body with what it needs. When your body gets food, like whole foods, veggies and fruit, that the planet provides to you,  it recognizes it. It does not recognize man made chemicals.

I know it’s expensive, and I did not throw it out…That is why I said if you want to spend money on something that you think is expensive, for the same price or less, spend it on Shakeology, because your body recognizes that as food. So for example, you had that Shakeology and you had gas … that gas your body was pushing out is the chemicals in the muscle milk along with other toxins that your body does not want.

I am so freaking happy that you care about yourself and want to eat good things! Always look past the “hype” or marketing and read more into it.  I also forget this a lot, so don’t beat yourself up about it, just be aware and keep trying to be conscious about it… I am just giving you information so you are aware and can do the right thing for your body because I know that is what you want to do.

One of the things we do, is we want everything to be “easy” and convenient so we don’t have to make stuff… but making stuff is more beneficial and good for us on a spirit level as well. When dad and I go on the Ultimate Reset, (I think we start Sunday or Monday) we will be cooking things that you are welcome to join in and learn how to do. We can do it as a family and I can get you the supplements to do it with us if you want.

The muscle milk you are drinking that “fills you up”… fills you up with bad stuff that does not provide you with any good nutrients. You are better off filling yourself with Shakeology or foods. I will show you… have you ever tried the spinach smoothie I make? It’s so easy and it tastes really good and its loaded with protein. Have a really great day. xoxo  Would it be ok if i use this conversation as a blog? and post it on Facebook? it could help a lot of people.”

She said yes.. continued to drink the stuff for 2 more days. Last night she said to me.. “That muscle milk stuff is not so good for my body… my stomach hurts after I drink it and my friends at work said I should be eating whole foods, not processed so much or chemicals.”  As long as she gets it!!

Yes Shakeology is processed to get it all in the bag, and they processes it as gentle as possible so the nutrition is getting to you… a lot of it.  Loking at the PDF of the ingredients, it is a great addition to whole foods, water, fruits and veggies! I am seeing and hearing the changes that are occurring in so many people daily! And it’s all good!