Fill a large glass jar with pure clean water. Use atmospheric water ( or distilled water with a few pinches of himalayan salt.

Add about 5-6  Table Spoons of Chia, depending on how large the jar is, for 64 oz. I use about 5 Tablespoons. Experiment with different amounts for your taste, as the chia sprouts in the water, it sends out a gel and thickens the water a bit. Organic is best, I like white chia, but you can use black chia too.

Shake it up and place in the fridge for a few hours. Then shake it up again, as it gels. After another hour, it should be ready. Pour into your favorite glass and squeeze the juice of a fresh organic orange into it (or other fruits, strawberries and raspberries are great too)… refreshing, filling, beyond nutritious and so great for your well-being!

You can also add the sprouted chia to your shakes and Shakeology!