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Ultimate Reset Day 13 ~ Release

The crankiness seems to have passed. My husband Dave got to his goal weight this morning…. 185. Down 10 pounds since he started the cleanse and down 45 pounds since he started with P90X !!!!! Wow!  That is GREAT!  A lot of people are noticing. His new goal is 180.  I have lost another pound, so total of 4 since the start of the reset and a total of  10 since the month before when I stopped sugar, alcohol and coffee. The scheduling of the Ultimate Reset works really well for us. It’s great to know what we need to be disciplined about to do daily. It’s great to know what we are eating.. no more “what do you want for dinner?” , ” I don’t know. What would you like?” It’s all planned out, the recipes, the grocery shopping. I no longer wish to buy anything that is processed or in a bag or box unless it’s really pure.  Even chips and salsa (one of my favorites).. I have a feeling they would be way toooooo salty for me now. Loaded with the neurotoxic salt, no wonder I was...

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Ultimate Reset Day 12 ~ Release

I am obsessed with the weight loss.. And that is not a good idea. The whole point is for resetting, and getting your body back to “well being…” continuing to eat healthy, contribute movement, drink a lot of water and stay away from the things that Dave has lost about 10 pounds and I have lost 3!  One of the 5 signs that your body is toxic is difficulty in losing weight… which I have and many others have this extra 20 pounds they want to shed. However, I FEEL great. I have  another week and during this detox phase, my body is trying to hold on to all it has known.  I need to remember, I stopped alcohol, sugar and coffee about a month before, while he did not AND I am down 10 pounds from then.  I look better and my skin looks amazing compared to what it was. Imagine… what a lot of water can do!! Another sign of a toxic body is cravings for coffee, sugar or junk food. I do have cravings for sweets and when I smell coffee… yum.  I now can smell a restaurant  a mile away! But I am going to stay tough and stick this through. Bloating and constipation are other signs of a toxic body.  These are a regular thing for me and that is not good… so this...

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Ultimate Reset Day 11 ~ Release

Cranky, Cranky…. Cranky me, cranky Dave… we just have to remember, the liver, gall bladder and all those amazing organs that run our body have been quite angry at the way we have been treating them! We are letting a lot of words and things that are said and attitudes go. You kind of have to overlook them at this phase and send love and light to the cranky, including yourself. I love the detox drink! I look forward to it. Lots of inside changes occurring now. Liver detoxing, gallbladder detoxing, intestines pushing stuff out that does not belong, kidneys getting cleansed. Magnificent. Still loving the food, mostly full, but occasionally need a snack. It’s important not to go hungry. Try water and if that doesn’t work, some blueberries, a glass of chia or an apple are a great snack.  Still wishing to lose weight Dave is down a pound a day still. Although I am not getting out for my walk everyday.. need to make it a point to do...

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Ultimate Reset Day 7 ~ Reclaim

Well, it has been a bit emotional and cranky around here, but nothing we aren’t getting over!  Seems like things are “coming up and out” … And it’s all good, as we are addressing things. We decided to do this while on “staycation” as our son is away and when going on a cleanse the best way to do it is with less stress.  Also, it has been a time of no alcohol and special and scheduled food, so what do you do on vacation? Eat and Drink and all of those things!  We have been hanging out at home a lot preparing the food and taking walks, stretching and taking care of our selves through this past week. Luckily we live right on the pacific ocean and it kind of feels like we are on vacation anyway, so we have been enjoying our sun deck and views. We have been working at home half to three quarter days, but not like when we are “at work”. It’s been interesting, as we were going to do some exploring locally while we were  on “staycation” like visit a local winery and check out the restaurants … well, we can’t really do any of that, and getting together with friends is a little different, as we are eating differently and it’s taking some concentration to do this, some focus and routine....

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Ultimate Reset Day 4 ~ Reclaim

Day 4 of  Ultimate Reset.. Did I mention I am doing this with my husband (Dave)?  It is great to have the support. There is a lot of prep and time, so it’s really great to have someone to do this with. Even if I was in collaboration with someone online or down the street it would be great. Just to have someone to talk to when there is a question about something, as the answer has seemed always to be common sense. I have learned to prepare food again and actually like it, Ultimate Reset has made it quick, easy and tasty! There are grocery lists, so I know what to get at the store and so far I have been LOVING the food, feeling full and really enjoying the water in my body, as I usually forget to drink water. I am finding that it is something my body has been missing… even though I usually only drink water, I do not ever get enough.  At first I was a little discouraged about not losing anymore pounds. I have been fluctuating, but have still kept off the initial weight that went away. And I have not been moving as much as I should be.. that has changed today! I also read on the support page not to check your weight daily, that this will happen initially. I...

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