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Vegan Meal Replacement Shake – Tropical Shakeology

The newest member of the healthiest meal of the day is a Tropical Vegan formula. Made with sweet, juicy strawberries, plus natural tropical fruits like tangy pineapple, luscious papaya, tart camu-camu, and smooth banana. You’ll love the light, refreshing fruity flavor— you’ll be amazed that it’s 100 percent vegan, lactose-free, and...

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Shakeology Tropical Vegan Strawberry Shake

*NEW* Team Beachbody does it again! The newest member of the Shakeology family is announced – Shakeology Tropical Strawberry. And guess what? It’s vegan! Click Here to read more. Tropical Strawberry’s powerful protein punch comes from a proprietary vegan protein blend crafted from whole, plant-based proteins including sprouted brown rice, sacha inchi, chia, flax, quinoa, amaranth, and spirulina, and delivers all 9 essential amino acids. And it’s 100% dairy-free and...

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Shakeology is certified low glycemic. Why its 24 GI rating matters to you.

The results are in. Shakeology® is now certified low glycemic. It’s another stamp of approval that Shakeology is good for you. But that’s not all. Shakeology came in at just 24 on the glycemic index (GI). A number that’s very low and something to be excited about. Simply put, the glycemic index is a way to measure how carbohydrates react in your blood. When you eat carbs, your blood sugar level rises anywhere from a little to a lot. The GI uses a scale of 0 to 100, with higher numbers given to foods that cause the most rapid rise in blood sugar. What’s the glycemic index? High-GI foods cause the body to produce higher levels of insulin but sometimes too much. This gives you an energy burst, known as a “sugar rush.” It feels good at first, but then your blood sugar drops rapidly to lower than normal levels, known as a “crash.” Eating low-GI foods is a smart way to avoid the “sugar rush and sugar crash” cycle. And they’re good for you because they stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels. High blood sugar drives your body to produce more insulin. Foods with a high-GI (above 70) include white bread, pretzels, French fries, and most processed foods. Eating these foods triggers a rapid rise in blood sugar and insulin levels, which: Encourages your body to store fat...

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Diabetes rates set to rise sharply – Shakeology can help curb diabetes

Unless new strategies are implemented to help reduce the number of obese individuals, the rate of type 2 diabetes is going to skyrocket in the coming years, according to a new report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researchers. According to the findings, which were published in Population Health Metrics, diabetes rates are set to explode. Under the best case scenario modeled by researchers, the percentage of the U.S. population affected by the condition will rise from the current level of 14 percent to 21 percent by 2050. However, if nothing is done to curb the rates of...

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Shakeology Results

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